How does this work?

Contact us and we will work with you to complete your heart's desires, within reason.

An example of information we need from you is:

  • Type of event/meal/menu item
  • Head Count
  • Allergies
  • Theme
  • Likes + Dislikes

 After a brief consultation we will provide you with menu options, pricing, and other details on how to get the party started.

Where do you cook?

Since we are a personal chef company and not a catering company, our chef, Tracey will come to your house and cook up a storm, clean up, make sure everyone is happy, and peace out. We cook everything at your space so you know how your food turned from groceries to dinner. If you're just ordering things a la carte, you won't have to worry about kitchen space unless we need to reheat or finish garnishing a dish.

Can I have anything I want?

Yes, and no. Since we can only do the cooking in a home kitchen, we have some constraints. We can work with you to tweak the menu to get the same tasty results we would in a professional kitchen. We've cooked for a whole office of people with just 2 induction burners, yes, there was no oven and no microwave. We are always up for a challenge.